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A Fork In the Road


Will, an escaped convict on the run from local authorities, takes refuge in a barn on a Montana Ranch the same night the ranch owner, April shoots Martin Cheeder, the man who is blackmailing her. Will hears the gun shot and sees April drag Martin's body outside, shoving him into the trunk of Martin's car. But her plan to get rid of Martin's body goes off the rails when she realizes Will has seen what she's done. But Will has no intention of calling the cops and he convinces her that they have to help each other or they'll both go to prison. First, however, they have to get rid of Martin's body and his car. When they attempt to dump his body into a shallow grave in the forest, their plan starts to quickly unravel as Martin turns out to be wounded rather than dead. And Martin is in no mood to be buried alive. But the task of getting rid of a very angry Martin turns into a chaotic chain of events involving April's husband, her sister and the cops. Once they're all involved things go from bad to worse, leading to a drowning, an affair, and accidental death as the local authorities piece together the evidence in a way that makes sense, but has nothing to do with what really happened.