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Bad Brains: A Band in DC


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REVELATION PERTH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL PRESENTS... www.revelationfilmfest.org Dir: Mandy Stein & Ben Logan Year: 2012 Country: USA Duration: 104mins Official Selection: SxSW Official Selection: Seattle Bad Brains were already unique when they formed in 1977, gaining an immediate fan base in their native Washington DC for their blistering hardcore punk shows. But Bad Brains had already cut their musical teeth playing jazz fusion under the name Mind Power, and their version of punk was already pushing in different directions. While inspiring the likes of youngsters Henry Rollins (Black Flag) and Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat and Fugazi) and countless others, Bad Brains were already a step ahead of their contemporaries and embraced reggae, further adding to their musical palette. The group would go on to influence the likes of Living Colour, Faith No More and Fishbone. Following the band’s career through ups and numerous, often painful, downs, this absorbing documentary from director Mandy Stein (Burning Down the House: the Story of CBGB and Too Tough To Die: A Tribute to Johnny Ramone) and Ben Logan combines scorching live footage with interviews with all the major players and the band, as well as charting their comeback tour and the group’s often-fraught internal relationships. “the film is kinetic, frenetic… and well paced with lots to love for any Bad Brains, punk or music fans. Their tribute is long overdue and we should be thankful that a film recognizing their musical genius, originality and influence exists at all.” IndieWire If you like this, we know you'll LOVE these: Dead hands Dig Deep: http://deadhandsdigdeep.revondemand.org Last Days Here: http://lastdayshere.revondemand.org RocKabul: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/rockabul Voodoo Rhythm: The Gospel of Primitive Rock'n'Roll: http://voodoorhythm.revondemand.org For hundreds of international short, feature and documentary films, visit REVonDEMAND: revelationfilmfest.org/film-rev-on-demand



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