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USA, 1937 Lost Horizon

Although this film is the quality of Frank Capra's masterpieces Mr. Deeds Goes To Town and It Happened One Night, it is also unlike any other film he made, departing from the "Capraesque" milieu for a world of adventure and fantasy. Adapted from James Hilton's novel, the film stars Ronald Coleman as Robert Conway, a British diplomat who, together with five other survivors of a plane crash in the Tibetan mountains, finds himself in an earthly paradise known as Shangri-La. Taken to a magnificent structure and given luxurious rooms, the Europeans soon discover the tranquility of this hidden land where nothing is known of greed, war, hatred or crime. But is Shangri-La all that it promises to be...or are we simply afraid to believe that it could be?

från 15 år
Lost Horizon