Celebrity Crush

USA, 2020

Om filmen


When the B horror movie 'Chain-Face Clown' was released in 1985, no one knew the film 'Chain-Face Clown' would one day become a classic, heralded as a cinematic tour de force... Well, at least by a select group of horror movie fans. The film's biggest fan, Emily, always knew she was going to meet and fall in love with Jonathan Blaklee, the star of 'Chain-Face Clown'. Emily has a collection of 'Chain-Face Clown' memorabilia that would impress even the most ardent fan. But, there is one item she has yet to attain... The real life Jonathan Blaklee. Her plan is simple: Meet Jonathan at an up-coming signing for the DVD re-release of 'Chain-Face Clown', and then seduce him. She will lure him back to her home where Jonathan will be imprisoned inside her home until he realizes Emily is the one for him. Emily successfully lures Jonathan back to her pad. After a night of debauchery, Jonathan awakes -- he is now imprisoned in an abandoned bunker on the rural farm’s property. Jonathan must now find a way to escape or forever be the ultimate addition to Emily's 'Chain-Face Clown' memorabilia collection.



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