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Come Down Molly


"Come Down Molly is a cinematic dream." - Liz Whittemore, Reel News Daily "A luminously shot film....with an non-preachy yet unmistakable pro-drug agenda." - Tasha Robinson, The Dissolve Come Down Molly is the story of Molly (Eleonore Hendricks), a new mother who's unable to connect with her infant son, feels abandoned by her husband Patrick (Kentucker Audley), and judged by her sister Amy (Lindsay Burdge). Noticing that her life has somehow transformed into a mundane routine of caretaking, she decides to run off. She seeks out her oldest friends, a group of fun-loving boys who are enjoying a relaxing weekend in the Rocky Mountains away from their wives and their jobs. When one friend suggests taking magic mushrooms, Molly is quickly coerced into joining her friends on a vivid psychedelic adventure. As the drugs slowly set in, the group begins to bridge subtle spiritual connections while exploring the intimacies of the natural world around them. When Molly's "trip" turns into a dark out-of-body experience, she is forced to confront the difficult choice between reverting to the carefree woman she once was, or going back to the family that she loves. Written/Directed by Gregory Kohn Produced by Gregory Kohn, George Manatos, Jane Houle, Mara Auster and Chris Mosson Executive Produced by Nancy Schafer Cinematography by Chris Mosson Edited by George Mantos and Will Lehman CAST: Eléonore Hendricks, Kentucker Audley, Lindsay Burdge, Jason Shelton, John Anderson, Jason Selvig, Sam Sundos, Benjamin Roberts, David Jette and Terrence Montgomery Festivals: Tribeca Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, Port Townsend Film Festival and more