Far Too Personal


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The main protagonist of the TOO PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP is Natalia, a single thirty-year-old. She lives alone, works at a design studio and has a best friend – Simona. Simona is freshly divorced, and her 11 year old son goes to live with his father Stano, forcing her to start her life from the beginning. Through a little girl, Natalia meets Marek – a widower and an entrepreneur. She starts a relationship, which is closely watched by his mother-in-law, Eva, who helps Marek with his daughter. At first, Eva acts awfully, but gradually she accepts Natalia in place of her daughter. Eva starts to look for a new meaning in her life and suddenly – she meets a man. Simona also keeps herself busy and meets an eccentric artist Viktor. She becomes his muse, but he is not only obsessed by Simona, but also by sex... The ideal relationship between Natalia and Marek is suddenly interrupted by a fraud orchestrated by Marek's business partner – Oliver. Marek loses all his money, has a debt collector chasing him, needs to let go many of his employees and starts do drown his sorrow in alcohol. He becomes an alcoholic and is no longer able to function in his normal life. Natalia takes over everything, because young Terezka is starting to see her as her mother – since she no longer remembers her own mother. Marek refuses Natalia's help and forces her to start considering a huge internal dilemma...



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