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Funny Ha Ha

USA, 2002

"FUNNY HA HA ROCKED ME. I DIDN’T KNOW THAT YOU WERE ALLOWED TO DO THINGS LIKE THAT. IT WAS AMAZING TO ME." – LENA DUNHAM, DIRECTOR "ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL MOVIES OF THE ‘00S" - A.O. SCOTT, THE NEW YORK TIMES "A TENDER, FUNNY AND STEALTHILY AFFECTING PORTRAIT OF YOUTHFUL POWERLESSNESS AND FRUSTRATION." – CARINA CHOCANO, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES Marnie is 23, and drifts through "Funny Ha Ha," Andrew Bujalski's critically acclaimed debut feature, in search of romance and employment. The film's conversations sound improvised and the narrative rhythms appear loose and ambling as it paints a deft group portrait of recent college graduates-Marnie’s friends, co-workers and would-be lovers. But this scruffiness is a bit deceptive, as the film has both a subtle, delicate shape and a point. By the end of the film, Bujalski proves to be one of America’s most acute and intelligent young dramatists, utilizing 16mm film to probe and reveal the curious facts and stubborn puzzles of contemporary life. Starring: Kate Dollenmayer, Christian Rudder, Jennifer L. Schaper, Myles Paige, Marshall Lewy, Lissa Patton Rudder, Andrew Bujalski, Justin Rice, Victoria Häggblom, Vanessa Bertozzi Written, Directed and Edited by Andrew Bujalski Produced by Ethan Vogt Cinematography by Matthias Grunsky Festivals: SXSW, Los Angeles Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival Winner: Spirit Award

This is an undoubtedly modest yet wholly pleasurable tale about the difficulties that come with letting go of youth.
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