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Sen Benim Herşeyimsin

Turkiet, 2016

Sedat (Tolga Çevik) is an orphan who has been raised by the motto “Fear is like a wolf. To defeat him, you’ve got to look it in the eye.” he got by his father. He lives a daily life in his hometown Çıralı with what he’s got left from his father. But one day, he finds himself being a father because of a baby left to his lap by Pınar (Melis Birkan). Then he comes to İstanbul and finds a job where he has to look the wolf in the eye after having met Birol (Cengiz Bozkurt) with a twist of fate. Sedat’s life runs around his daughter he calls “You are my everything.”. He creates a dream life around her in order to protect her from the realities of the world. The lives of the father and daughter is going to be like a fairy tale until the mother shows up...