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Two Gates of Sleep


“A luscious widescreen meditation on nature, death and Southern discomfort.” – Jordan Mintzer, Variety "A sublime film debut.” – Eric Lavallee, IonCinema “Manages the incredible task of calling to mind the work of both David Lynch and Terrence Malick, whose styles you'd think might be mutually exclusive.” – Damon Wise, Empire Magazine "Stark and bold, defiantly an art film." – Jamie Graham, Total Film “A beautifully shot mood piece.” – David Gritten, The Daily Telegraph (UK) “Aside from Gus Van Sant, there are few filmmakers in America making cinema like this today." – Jonathan Crocker, Love Film Somewhere on the Mississippi-Louisiana border, brothers Jack and Louis prepare for their mother’s imminent death. Their communication limited to glances, they hunt a gorgeous animal, cook a special meal and share last moments of quiet intimacy with the woman who bore them. Once she succumbs, they ignore society’s expectations and undertake an arduous journey to bury her along the riverbank. Ants swarm in the dirt, trees form a green cathedral and the brothers step deeper into the muddy river. This visual meditation on nature, death and tradition paints a shattering portrait of a family overcoming extraordinary circumstances to honor a final request. Festivals: Cannes Director’s Fortnight (Nominated for Camera D’ Or), Deauville Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, Tokyo Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Sao Paulo Film Festival, AFI Fest (Official Selection), Copenhagen Film Festival (CPH:PIX) WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY ALISTAIR BANKS GRIFFIN PRODUCERS JOSH MOND & ANDREW F. RENZI EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS SEAN DURKIN & ANTONIO CAMPOS ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS ZACH STUART-PONTIER & DUSTIN BOWLIN STARRING BRADY CORBET, DAVID CALL, & KAREN YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHED BY JODY LEE LIPES PRODUCTION DESIGN BY KRIS MORAN ART DIRECTION BY WILLIAM LOGAN MUSIC BY SAUNDER JURRIAANS & DANIEL BENSI SOUND DESIGN BY DANEIL FLOSDORF