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Nederländerna, 2018

What if WiFi was a killer? Wireless networks are the connectivity tissue of modern life but some claim electromagnetic radiation has devastated their health. Such people seek relief by taking refuge in the wilderness where there is no wireless littering the airwaves. And with the internet of things taking over every home and plans for total connectivity, their means of escape are diminishing. Revelatory and thought provoking. Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/journeymanpictures Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/JourneymanNews twitter.com/JourneymanVOD Follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/journeymanpictures Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads: youtube.com/journeymanpictures For downloads and more information visit: journeyman.tv/film/7537 Every week Journeyman offers a brand new documentary, fresh out of the cutting room. They're award winning documentaries, some destined for the festival circuit and some for broadcast. The one thing you can know is that here you get to see them when they're fresh, often before they appear anywhere else.


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